Low-voltage Construction Administration

Cydah Network Services LLC will advise the owner on all low-voltage issues to include the following:

•  Changes to the backgrounds that alter technology and triggers a Potential Change Order (PCO),

•  Compare submitted bids from subcontractors to clearly explaining the differences between each functionally and financially

•  Vet the contractor's qualification/certifications and recommend the most responsive bidder to the owner

•  Attend project meetings (Via Conference Call, Online, or Onsite)

•  Attend door hardware coordination meeting with door hardware consultant and Architect

•  Site visits to inspect low-voltage systems for installation quality and observe BICSI standards at various stages of construction

•  Generate (Plangrid) installation progress report and issues for correction

•  Review and approve submittal documents

•  Answer RFIs and respond to ASIs

•  Serve as the central point for all low-voltage technical questions and ongoing coordination throughout the construction lifespan 

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Lawrenceville, Georgia - USA